About RR Media Net

The excellence of this digital era is climbing one more step towards superiority with every passing day. Whether to build new paths for entrepreneurship or enrich our day-to-day lives, the cruciality of digitalization just can’t be denied by any means.

RR Media Net is a seed of 21st century business digitalization, trying to bloom as a mighty trunk to elevate the global business standards and contribute to society responsibly.

RR Media Net is a full-fledged digital marketing agency situated in the smart city of India – Surat. Alongside a committed team of extremely
professional digital experts, we offer a full suite of creative services to clients across the globe in various business niches.

RR Media Net is founded by Mr.Shitanshu Kapadia. Shitanshu has more than 17 years of experience in Information Technology.

Shitanshu is a multi-skill person he started blogging & digital marketing in 2011 when only a few people in India have heard about this term. A successful blogger, a digital marketer, IT Professional, finance consultant, video sales expert, and founder of https://moneyexcel.com & https://finxdata.com from Surat, Gujarat, India.

At RR Media Net we help business to grow online.
We offer the following services –

 Social Media Marketing
 Content Creation
 Influencer Marketing
 E-mail Marketing
 Search Engine Optimization
 Training Courses 
 Objective based promotion
 Digital Strategy Building Services
 Website Design Development & Management

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