5 Genuine Ways to Start Copywriting Career – No Experience

Do you know copywriting is one of the highest-paying career options? Every company, product, and service needs a digital marketer and copywriter.

A copywriter can write things in persuading words and increase sales. A copywriter can earn a five-figure income monthly. 

However, it is not easy to become a copywriter. You need proven and authentic ways to grab copywriting as a career option. 

Here are five ways to start copywriting and make a portfolio with zero experience.

When you are just getting started, when you are a beginner copywriter, you’re going out there to the marketplace and you’re trying to get work, you’re trying to get clients, one of the most common questions you will get is –

  • “Do you have samples of your work that you can share with me?”
  • “Do you have a portfolio?”

Now, if you’re brand new, you may be saying that “Well, I don’t have a portfolio, “I’m brand new, and I’m just getting started.” And what you’ll hear from your prospects are, “Well, then we can’t really trust you, “We can’t really hire you.”

You will now think – Well, how the hell am I going to do a portfolio? when I’m brand new?

So I cannot get any work because I don’t have a portfolio, but I cannot build a portfolio because I’m not getting any assignments.

I understand your frustrations. 

The question is, are you going to let not having materials, not having a portfolio stop you from pursuing a professional, lucrative career in copywriting? 


Don’t worry you are with the right coach. Today, I’m going to share with you five ways you could get started in copywriting.

5 Genuine Ways to Start Copywriting Career – No Experience 

#1 Volunteer to write for NGO

The first proven way is to write for non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations(NGO), they’re always looking for writers to write there –

  • Newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Fundraising campaigns 
  • E-mails

I’m talking about your local organizations, I’m talking about environmental groups, or maybe local organizations working for a good cause.

All you need to do is send them an email, and say, “Hey, you know what?

“I am a copywriter, I’m looking to gain some experience.” You could connect with them on LinkedIn. You just need to approach them.

Now, one of these three things will happen after you write for them.

#1 It shows your future clients that you are a nice person because, within the samples of your work, they can see you write for a non-profit.

#2 If you actually do very, very good work, they might actually turn into a client, a paying client. They may like your work so much, they will hire you for other projects.

#3 There’s a possibility that they might give you a recommendation, a referral or an endorsement.

However, don’t expect an endorsement or a referral. It’s nice if you get it, but that’s not why you’re doing it.

You’re doing it to build your portfolio.

Does that make sense?

#2 Approach Religious Organizations as Writer

If you are visiting a temple or any other religious organization, you could also approach them as a writer because they’re always looking for writers to share the message.

Especially when you approach them as one of believers, it’s straightforward for them to say yes and give you some work, give you some opportunities to practice.

#3 Approach business owners

Now, that’s what I did at the beginning of my career. I approached local business owners, and the Gujarat chamber of commerce, just talking to them and saying, “Hey, do you need any kind of brochures?

  • “Maybe your direct mails, maybe your ads?
  • “Anything that I could write?
  • “Your landing page, your email, right?”

Anything that they might need help with.

All I’m asking the business owner is if they like my work, they would give me an endorsement and the right to showcase this work to other future prospects.

That’s it, and most of the time they will say yes because first of all, they would save money, and second of all, they’re always looking for marketing, materials, and literature for their businesses anyway.

It’s very easy, and once I’ve done a few of those, boom, I’ve got a portfolio.

#4 Take an Online Course

You can opt for an online course that helps people to become high-income copywriters. There are many online courses available that help the participant to learn the skill of copywriting. 

Before opting for any course make sure to check credibility of trainer.

 #5 Rewrite other people’s copy  

You go through different types of landing pages, funnels, and different emails and you would take their copy and actually rewrite it, and that becomes your portfolio.

Now, don’t lie, you’re not saying that these people are your clients, you’re not saying these businesses are your clients, you’re simply saying to them these are samples of your work, and what you could do.

Now they could see, they could get a glimpse of your work, okay, this is what you could do.

These are your skill sets, this is how good your writing is.

It’s very very simple.

I hope now you agree with me that you can easily build your copywriting portfolio by using the 5 Genuine Ways given above.

If you have queries – you can hit the reply button and ask me.

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