3 Steps to start Social Media Marketing

Assuming you have the expertise, assuming that you can do what you do when it comes to social media marketing, how do you get started?

Maybe you are thinking of using social media to grow your business, to promote your products and services or maybe you want to start your digital marketing agency. Whatever may be the case here are 3 simple steps to get started with social media marketing.

social media marketing

3 Steps to start Social Media Marketing

#1 Find out where your clients are

Find out where your ideal clients hang out.

Where are they? Are they on Linkedin?

If you’re selling B to B, I think Linkedin is a very very powerful platform because there are so many businesses on Linkedin.

If you’re selling B to C, business to consumer, then maybe Instagram is the way to go, or Facebook is the way to go,

or YouTube is the way to go, or Snapchat, or Twitter.

Whatever it is that you choose.

But you wanna first of all, be very very clear who are your ideal customers.

Who are your ideal prospects and where do they hang out?

Where are they, out of this vast ocean of internet and this information highway?

Where do they spend their time?

Figure out first, where are they hanging out?

Find out, where are they? 

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#2 Get in front of them  

You want to get in front of them. When I say get in front of them, is, out of all these platforms, you want to just pick one.

One of the worst things that you can do is try to get on all these platforms.

You’ve got your Twitter, you got your Facebook, you got your YouTube, you got your Instagram, you got your Linkedin, and you try to do them all.

When you try to do that, you will fail, a hundred percent, because each channel, each platform has its own uniqueness.

You need to market to the audience very differently.

The way you talk to them is very different.

Unless, like me, you’ve grown to the point where you have a pretty big team to do all these things, when you’re just getting started, just pick one.

Just pick one.

  • Maybe it’s YouTube.
  • Maybe it’s Instagram.
  • Maybe it’s Linkedin.
  • Maybe it’s Facebook.

Just pick one platform. And you focus on that platform, and you focus on just mastering and understanding that platform.

And you learn everything you possibly could about that one platform.

As you do your marketing, as you create content, as you add value, you will learn, and you’ll get feedback when the marketplace is this working, right?

Then you can improve from there.

Every single course, let’s say you want to learn about Instagram,

you want to master Instagram, you want to market on Instagram.

Get every damn program course that you could.

Read every damn book that you could on just that, on Instagram.

And you master that. And implement the ideas. And you go back and implement.

You reflect, learn from it, and implement it.

That’s how you get going with social media marketing.

Don’t try to do them all, right?

Jack of all trades, master of none.

#3 You sell them something


That’s right.

You need to sell them something. You need to sell something in exchange for money.

You can’t just have social media following and hope that maybe someday that will turn into money.

I have a friend of mine. I won’t name any names.

He is a top, one of the top ten influencers in India, on social media, top ten, like magazines feature him, like top ten in terms of influence. He’s broke, making less than $1000, a year.

Looks glamorous, looks like there’s a lot of followers, can’t make money.

And when I was talking to him in private and he was crying and he is like “I’ve been doing this, I’ve been creating content, and people think I’m so successful.

I’ve got this massive social media following. I can’t even pay my rent.”

I said, when was the last time you sell something to your audience?

He said, “Well I don’t want to sell anything to my audience.

They would think that I’m a sell out. I don’t know if I should sell something.

I can’t talk about that. I’m gonna loose my audience.”

That is the wrong attitude.

The only purpose to be on social media is to bring in business.

Some people use social media for pleasure, I think, poor people broke people, use social media for pleasure.

I use social media for profit. I’m not on social media for pleasure. 

I am on social media to make a profit, to grow my company, to build my brand.

That’s the only sane reason to be on social media.

As a byproduct of that, I get to impact millions of people.

But I don’t loose focus of the fact that I’m using social media as a tool, as a vehicle to grow my company.

So you need to think about that.

What is your intent, what is your outcome?

You need to be very clear that you’re out there.

What are you doing instead of just doing a lot of activities and doing posts and getting likes and all that.

You’ve got to sell them something.

If you cannot overcome that, then you have a problem with selling.

You’ll always struggle with making money on social media.

You need to combine social media with closing.

Over to you 

So, let’s review the three steps. Find out where they are, and who they are. Number two Get in front of them. And number three You sell them something.

It’s as simple as that one, two, and three.

Don’t make it so complicated. Don’t make it so complex.

It’s not, right? It is not. Just like fishing.

You go where the fish is, here’s the bait, and you get a fish.

And you eat. It’s that simple.

Find out where they are. Get in front of them. And sell them something.

That is it.

Comment below if you have any other questions about social media.

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