5 Proven Ways to grow organically on Instagram

How to get more followers organically on Instagram for free?

Today, I am going to share five ways to grow, organically on Instagram. Organic means that you’re growing by getting followers through your posts, through maybe stories reaching, you know, explorer feeds, or even just hashtags that you use. The second way to get followers is via paid advertisement & influencer marketing.

5 Ways to Grow Organically on Instagram

5 Ways to grow organically on Instagram

#1 Keep your Instagram Stories active every day 

The first way to grow organically on Instagram, it seems super simple, but most people actually overlook this, which is to keep your Instagram stories active every day.

And the reason why that’s so important is that Instagram is favoring people that leverage every part of the platform.

And the algorithm favors people that leverage everything from the DMs, to the stories, to the highlights, to the posts, and everything all in between, right?

So with Instagram, keeping your stories active allows you to stay at the top bar.

And then if you constantly have your Instagram stories active,

people will see your stories a lot of the time if they’re engaging as well.

So the other thing, too, is to make your Instagram stories very engaging by, you know, adding things to them like polls or questions or stuff like that.

To engage and engage with the audience, right?

People like Instagram reels and stories more compared to normal posts. You should try to post your story every day. The story gets achieved in 24 hours. You can access that and put in highlights afterward.

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#2 Use stories to Drive Traffic

Once your followers are increasing and you reach 100000+ followers you will get additional facilities.

You can send them to any link that you want, and be able to look in the analytics, as to how many people you’re driving towards the clicks, right?

So, that being said, if you have an account that’s less than 10000, followers, I don’t want you to get discouraged because there’s actually a little workaround, a little hack that you could do to help drive more traffic.

And that is to just simply use the sticker username in your Instagram stories, so you put your own profile user name in the story, and you say head to, your username @, and click the link in the bio to get XYZ offer, right? Whatever offer that you have.   

 You have to train, and train, and educate your followers, how to, engage, with you, right? Do you want them to click? Do you want them to click and follow something? Do you want them to swipe up? What do you want them to do? And they get used to taking action on your Instagram account.

#3 Get crystal clear with your bio

You have to be clear with your bio so that you can connect with the right type of audience and the right type of audience can reach you.

It is a very basic thing. We’ve seen so many accounts where they don’t even have a bio link.

They don’t even have a bio and There’s nothing to click on and then even the description that they have, is their description in their bio, is literally they’ll just put their name, or they just, you know, there’s no creativity involved.

It’s not eye-catching, and it could be one of the biggest pitfalls because if you’re engaging with other accounts, or people are finding you through all your posts, the tags that you use, or your stories, or whatever it is, if they go to your profile, the bio in your profile photo is the first thing that they’re gonna see.

And if it’s, if that’s not right, if it’s not eye-catching, they’re just gonna go to the next profile.

#4 Direct message

Use Direct Messages to build relationships. Direct message is almost like direct mail for Instagram.

You can do DM selectively, you need not DM everybody, right? But once you grow your account, you have a lot of your followers DMing you as well.

It’s a great way to connect with the fans. And if you wanna take it to your product, your service, your program, different things that you offer.

DM is actually a very powerful way to do this. It’s not just a growing of followers, but how do you convert the followers into actual sales, into revenue, into income, right?

So DM is a very powerful way to do that.

#5 Comment in relevant Niches with relevant hashtags

You need to comment on the relevant niches with hashtags. The hashtag should be popular and it should be from your niche. 

Additionally, you should start interacting, start commenting to the relevant account, relevant posts, within your niche, within your industry.

Social media works on hashtag. Hashtag help in searching of the post/content.

Which method do you use for increasing your instagram followers?

Share it in the comment section.

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